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Tom and Jerry – Spotlight Collection, Volume 2

July 7, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Trends come and go; but the chase is eternal, just like the evergreen appeal of animaton’s supreme cat-and- mouse team! This second Spotlight Collection of Tom and Jerry’s cartoon capers boasts 40 restored and remastered shorts (including their screen debut Puss Gets the Boot, in which Tom was called Japser). This delicious assortment covers their golden years – including three Academy Award nominees* and six in their rarely seen widescreen CinemaScope – and includes spiffy, character-profiling Special Features. Get ready to duck, weave, jump and laugh and the hapless feline and the wily rodent take each other on.DVD Features:
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Tom and Jerry – Spotlight Collection, Volume 2


5 Responses to “Tom and Jerry – Spotlight Collection, Volume 2”
  1. I loved to watched tom and Jerry and Healthcliff from 1980 to 1987 ! Healthcliff Maded me laugh ! Even at 15 year old in 1990 I was watching carttoons like TinyToons and Tom and Jerry kids show at the age of 15 year old in 1990 ! Tinytoons maded me laugh

    and Tom and Jerry kids show maded me laugh also in the 1990’s !

    Rainbowbrite and My Little Pony , Jem where also my favorite carttoons as a child and at the age of 10 year old ! I suggested

    that every parent and Kids should check these titles Tom and Jerry kids show and Heathcliff tvshow from 1980 to 1987 ! Jem from Season 1 to 3 and Rainbow Brite tv show ! My Little Pony the movie was excellent and My Little pony Tvshow ! All these carttoons have Less volience in them ! Another Carttoon but least favorite was Dungens and Dragons in 1983 that I watched on saturday mornings !
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. AA says:

    I would give this a five star rating but when you first watch this you cant skip the intro which is like 5 mins! Okay so there are edited scenes, i dont care. Im 15 so i didnt even see the originals (I wish i could though), WB has done an excellent job of getting tom and jerry to us. Im sure they have tried there hardest to release an unedited version. Id love for them to hurry up and release all of them lol, its looking like one set a year now! but im not complaining i own both one and 2. My other complaint is they put ‘texas tom’ on this one as well, ow how did that happen? You would think someone makes sure there are no re-runs from past discs? lol, anyway get this dont worry about the 3 or 4 episodes that are edited, if you really dont like them then dont watch them. For people who dont own this and wright reveiws anyway, id like to say, to right a reveiw you usually have to own the product and not just hear about it! so stop using the review system to complain!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. R. G. Hales says:

    I love the first volume. I going to get volume two. It looks great.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Tom & Jerry Volume 2 has 2 hours of the classic era MGM cartoons in the bright oroginal vivid color and beautifully restored sound. The cartoons are all uncut and unedited, and thusly, politically incorrect, as intended, in places. The humor is timeless. The selection of tunes is excellent. Some items may not be suitable for the wee ones, but the box clearly states that fact.

    These are the great toons I grew up with.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Bob Mackay says:

    I have yet to purchase this, but I do have Volume One, which I’m enjoying. Apparently, I did not get through enough of Vol. 1 to notice the politically correct editing. The very concept of this type of censorship irks me, as well, but then again, I purchased the Special Edition versions of “Star Wars,” even though THEY were unnecessarily “tweaked” and toyed with. I just like having DVD versions of ANYthing I enjoy, I suppose.

    One particularly cringe-worthy pattern I noticed in all of these reviews was the mention of “Warner Brothers” as the culprit for releasing these cartoons in edited form. Tom & Jerry were NEVER Warner Brothers characters, people! They were Hanna-Barbera/MGM! Remember the roaring lion at the beginning of all the cartoons? Duh!!! :)
    Rating: 3 / 5

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