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Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Seventh Season

June 6, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Episodes: Image in the Sand, Shadows and Symbols, Afterimage, Take Me Out to the Holosuite, Chrysalis, Treachery Faith and the Great River, Once More Unto the Breach, The Siege of AR-558, Covenant, It’s Only a Paper Moon, Prodigal Daughter, The Emperor’s New Cloak, Field of Fire, Chimera, Badda-Bing Badda-Bang, Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges, Penumbra, ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Strange Bedfellows, The Changing Face of Evil, When It Rains…, Tacking Into the Wind, Extreme Measures, The Dogs of War, What You Leave Behind Parts I and II.
Deep Space Nine’s seventh and final season came down to loose ends, tying some existing ones together while allowing others to unravel. Symptomatic of the unwillingness … More >>

Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Seventh Season


5 Responses to “Star Trek Deep Space Nine – The Complete Seventh Season”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that this season is your average season. There were to many of the last episodes that the Federation was getting ready to fight but never had hardly any major battles like season six. I know with the Breen weapon that Star Fleet had a problem defending thereselves but there could of been more action pack episodes than there were. What You leave Behind Part 1 was a great episode but episode 2 [stunk] because Sisko was gone in the prophets forever. Over all I will give this season 5 stars just because the crew and their lives live on in the Star Trek World and you never know when the crew will met again on DEEP SPACE NINE
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. McHenry John says:

    Ezri Dax climbs aboard…making a dismal replacement for Jadzia Dax. The final conflict vs. The Dominion and Gul Dukat steals the show.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. desertrider says:

    Many problems in this last season. Other reviewers have pointed them out but I will also join them in their points. First, the Ezri character was a huge blunder. Talk about awkward story lines and feeling, she just didn’t fit in or mesh on the show at all. I don’t blame the actress, I have seen her in other works and she is a fine actress. The character simply was badly written.

    Second, poor plots in general. Some really silly episodes like the one where they go play a baseball game devolve the show into a parody.

    Third, the romance between Odo and Kira was ineptly handled and even embarrassing at times. Why they tried to make Odo and Kira interaction into some sort of beauty and the beast type relationship was ridiculous. Odo’s makeup slowly becomes more and more absurd, it is laughable.

    It is strange, but also the character of Kira changes for the worse. She for many years was a linchpin of the show, but watch when she changes her hairstyle from the “rebel” type look into a straight conventional style, that is a cue for when her character starts to go out the window. She goes from a passionate, lively and fascinating character into a total run-of-the-mill sci fi character and dullsville. I’m not sure of the exact episode this happens, it might have been in a late episode of season six.

    Overall, not to sound like I dislike the show, I’m a huge fan and watch it all the time on TV although I have seen just about every episode numerous times. I consider it the finest of all the Star Trek series and a masterpiece in its own right. 5 stars for seasons one through six, but skip this seventh season is my suggestion.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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  5. This season of DS9 is good, but previous seasons easily outdo it. Ezri Dax was completely pointless and totally irritating…perhaps they should’ve eliminated the Dax character altogether after Jadzia died and not introduce any new characters in her place. The continuing conflict with the Dominion, and the Cardassian rebellion were wonderful, but pointless episodes like “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” and “It’s Only a Paper Moon” dragged this season down. Why was there ever a Vic Fontaine? Easily one of the most ridiculous episodes in the series was “The Emperor’s New Cloak”. Unfortunately the writers seemed to be suffering from amnesia in this episode, since in “Through the Looking Glass” it was already proven that the Alliance had cloaking technology. It was terribly frustrating to see the Alliance not get a fair shake at the end; at least in “What You Leave Behind” the Dominion puts up one hell of a fight, yet in this episode the only Alliance ship we see is Worf’s flagship. And, once again it seems the station has magically re-orbited itself back into Bajor, since in “Shattered Mirror” there’s no sign of the planet anywhere. However, this begs the question, if Bajor is a member of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance, then why didn’t they just send an assault force once the station fell into Terran hands and retake Terok Nor? I doubt the rebels on the station would’ve been a match for an entire planet. This just proves that Star Trek needs to get better and more competent writers pronto, especially with all the screw ups going on in Enterprise.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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