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Spin City: Season Three

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Michael J. Fox is back as Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty, the damage-controlling spin wizard to New York Citys favorite blundering boss man, Mayor Randall Winston. Season Three spells reelection time, and that means business in the office, aside from a steady stream of assassination plots, supermodels, teenage girl muggers, ex-girlfriends and a city full of problems. With all the ensuing chaos, there are enough distractions and obstacles to make business nearly impossible for Mike and his crew. Guest stars included Conan OBrien, Heidi Klum, Joe Torre, Lou Diamond Phillips and Courtney Thorne-Smith…. More >>

Spin City: Season Three


3 Responses to “Spin City: Season Three”
  1. A. Brown says:

    This is the best season, this is where the show hit its stride. MJF is the best.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Awesome. Season three is probably the strongest of all of them. My wife has become a spin city fan from watching this season with me.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. It’s so true, even Rags, Carter’s family dog (Dead Dog Talking) knows it! New York’s goofy–but ever lovable deputy mayor is back for 26 episodes of a 1998-1999 season.

    While trying to toughen New York City’s mayor up–the guys get mugged by a young woman. And Stuart at last is matched for love, AND insensitivity in Deidre (Three Men and a Little Lady).

    Carter himself has a rough relationship when he dates a gay boxer (Politically Incorrect). He desperately wants to believe that he’s at last found `Mr. Right’. But this boyfriend realizes that he thinks and acts differently than what Carter needs for their relationship to work with his job down at City Hall. So they break it off. Meanwhile, Niki discovers that the downside of dating The Boss is that he also has a say when and if their relationship ever goes public. This causes her to break things off with Mike.

    Having moved in together originally out of economic convenience, Stuart and Carter don’t actually give much thought to what their futures hold. That is until they coincidentally `happen’ to meet two older men in the apartment building (Monkey Business). Closeness in physical appearances is unsettling. But this episode provides a refreshing perspective on ` the holiday episode’. It’s possible to write a themed script without diverging off into the overly sappy.

    Mike finds himself dealing with a very serious issue upon discovering that a good friend of his is gay. Previously having considered himself `open minded’ Mike is also shocked by his own obviously internalized discomfort upon first hearing the news. First, the friend is a decorated military officer, not somebody who fits ‘the `stereotype’. And then, Mike had believed their friendship was based on openness and trust. The only thing not good about the episode was that it lacked a phone number at the end for people who had just had their own friend/family member come out to–and they needed some one supportive to talk with about that revelation. Even if some people would have seen this (still in this day and age) as being ‘advocacy’ that could have helped audiences deal with their own truths about sexualities.

    This season itself is loaded with extras–as in guest stars. This sitcom was going great guns in the ratings! It had a strong regular cast throughout. And that strong cast was backed up by irresistible scripts. So it’s obvious that people like David Letterman, Paula Abdul, Courtney-Thorne Smith, and Tim Allen among others wanted to be the Special Guest Star of the moment. They wanted to share in the piece of the action too!

    Rating: 5 / 5

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