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Seinfeld – Season 7

July 5, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

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“No soup for you!” “He stole my marble rye!” “Bosco!” “Spongeworthy?” …and nobody can forget – George gets engaged! Here’s your invitation to 24 original full-length episodes of the Emmy┬« award-winning Season 7 of Seinfeld. All remastered with new high-definition picture and sound. In addition, there are 13 hours of exclusive never-before-seen special features from the creative talents behind the show, including all new interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason
By the time Seinfeld reached season 7, it was already firmly established as one of the top shows on TV. But Jerry Seinfeld and series co-creator Larry David still had pl… More >>

Seinfeld – Season 7


5 Responses to “Seinfeld – Season 7”
  1. I am a Seinfeld fan and I found the show to be one of the few laugh-out-loud-even-when-you-were-all-by-yourself. However, this is about the time when this show was getting dumb and the writers should have quit while they were ahead. They were running out of ideas and the show lacked the simplicity it had in the first five or six seasons. The characters’ idosyncrasies were way too exaggerated and the writers were just reaching for gags and most of it is not funny. There was only one flash of what made show a brilliant hit and that was the “Soup Nazi.” Save yourself the money and quit at season 6 which was the show’s last quality episodes.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Mary Debroux says:

    No comment. Gave it as a gift.

    I believe he is enjoying it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. Let me be the innocent child in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” and proclaim:

    Jerry Seinfeld is not funny!

    Oh, I know what you’re thinking: Here’s a guy who thinks Seinfeld was unfunny, but his cast was hilarious.

    No. At best the rest of the cast was mildly amusing (although Jason Alexander is a talented actor, he is not necessarily hilarious, hence the two stars).

    Because, when it comes down to brass tacks, “Seinfeld” *was* a “show about nothing” — in every sense of the word:

    The contrived semi-plots, with choppy one-liner segments.

    The cloying, annoying, ejaculatory bass riffs between shots.

    Jerry Seinfeld posing as this hipster: Yeah, right, a hipster with a ridiculous bushy mullet. At best, Seinfeld was an Upper West Side Jewish version of Jeff Foxworthy. You want to know why people think Jewish men are smug, metrosexual wimpish know-it-alls? I submit Jerry Seinfeld as “Exhibit A.” If a WASP played a Jew such as Seinfeld, he’d be accused of bigoted racial slurs against the Jewish people. Grating, like fingernails down a chalkboard.

    Oh, and speaking of freakish hair-do’s: Is there anyone alive who thinks that Michael Richards as Kramer would even inspire a single chuckle if shorn of that ridiculous Brillo-pad hair? Within three episodes, he’d have been out of the door, after having been reduced to haranguing black hecklers in the studio audience: He’s a [n-word]! He’s a [n-word]!


    And, “Elaine”?

    Puleeze! She makes Gwyneth Paltrow look like Kate Winslet, she is so flat.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Katy Merlo says:

    I recieved this product quickly, it was brand new just like it said. And its great, no complaints.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Fist, the soap natzi is one the most hilarious episodes of Seinfeld. But what even funnier it’s that it was actually base on a real person. And that he was mad that they made a show about him. Seinfeld is by far the most clever Sitcom ever made. They got away with everything that is taboo. And their best show were among topics that many cable channels would have refused to air. However, NBC did it anyway and the show was a hit. I can only imagine if Dave Chappelle had the freedom that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld had to run the show how good will he had been. Because his first two seasons the most selling ones on DVD. However for the 3rd season Comedy Central want it to run the show with their new writers.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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