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Oz – The Complete Fifth Season

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  • ISBN13: 9780783127316
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  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

It’s a new year, and Emerald City’s got a brand-new look. The walls are cleaner, the cafeteria is bigger, and everything is fresher…everything on the outside, that is. Inside the hearts and minds of the prisoners, Oz is just as dark and raw as ever. The renovations may be complete, but the mayhem is starting all over again. DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Audio Commentary: Episode 8 “Impotence” with Tom Fontana and Dean Winters
Deleted Scenes
Other:Season 1 – 4 recaps
Raw, uncompromising, and brutal, the fifth season of Oz represents a turning point for the series, tying up loose ends and preparing for the closure of season 6. As with all previous seasons o… More >>

Oz – The Complete Fifth Season


5 Responses to “Oz – The Complete Fifth Season”
  1. A. Wagner says:

    The fact is, if you’re reading the reviews of Oz: Season 5, you’ve probably seen seasons 1-4. And you probably loved them. Unless you’re like me. I loved Season 1: unique, interesting characters, decent development, good story lines. Basically a harsh introduction into the prison system and eloquent depiction of a liberal experimental prison concept gone wrong in Em City.

    Enter Season 2. Violence escalates. New characters are killed off as fast as they’re introduced. McManus’s management of Em City broders on manic-depressive (which he probably is supposed to be), and the unit is never able to recover from the riot. There’s no consideration or consequence to the many murders, the distribution of drugs, or the rampant sex even though those are supposedly against the rules. Does it really make sense that the prison is run like this? Is Fontana really being logical here? Did he even research what a real prison is like? Prisons have to report deaths. There’s no prison in this country that has anywhere near the number of murders depicted in the confines of Em City alone–and if there was, you can bet that things would change or it would be shut down.

    Some Oz faithful probably would say he did. I don’t believe it.

    In my opinion, Seasons 3 and 4 were progressively worse, each time with ridiculous story lines that seem to be trying to pull the wool over viewers’ eyes. Prisoners can freely store contraband in the ceiling tiles? A pastor/prisoner is missing and isn’t even searched for (and can’t be heard walled up behind a cinder block wall)? A replacement for McManus openly allows illegal activity in a law enforcement system and isn’t even tried for abetting a felon (and, as you’ll learn at the end of Season 5, will return in Season 6)? Asian immigrants are kept in bunks amongst the most dangerous criminals in the world?? Aging drug??? What?! And what happened to lockdown–the one deterrent McManus had? Seriously, the frustrations/ illogical story lines are out of control. And I would contend that THAT is an indication of poor writing.

    The fact is, Fontana hooked viewers with Season 1, got them to care about the characters and kept pushing the envelope of plausibility every episode, while losing the strength the original series was grounded in…the idea of an experimental prison and what struggles it would face to make it work. But there’s practically no character development, except (definitely) for Tobias and, to an extent, Shillinger. Even Said is the charicature he was in Season 1 by the end of Season 5.

    I don’t want to spoil Season 5, so no spoilers in here. It’s just a show, but I think Fontana cheats the viewer with his ridiculous stories, lack of character development, a complete abandonment of the idea behind Em City and cheap tricks to shock the viewer. Topping it off, Augustus preaches at the beginning of every freakin’ episode about the horrors of the American system (prison and otherwise), while the show depicts an alternate way of doing things in (Em City) that in many ways is even WORSE than Gen Pop. Season 5 is no exception, albeit a slightly more plausible shift from Season 4.

    I’ll watch Season 6 for the same reason I’ve watched the three before it…because I invested the time to that point and am simply just curious to see how bad it can be. I didn’t watch Season 2 for the same reason. I watched Season 2 because Season 1 was solid. In Oz Seasons 2-5, the prison walls come crumbling down.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I ordered this product just prior (2 weeks) to Christmas and it arrived in time in Australia to be included as a Christmas present. The product arrived in great condition and extremely fast. Very impressed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. stone mnt says:

    Oz season 5 is as funny, violent and outrageous as the previous seasons. Check it out!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Get’s off to a slow start but soon picks up with all the old favourites up to their usual tricks, cons and survival techniques within the walls of Oz, a must buy for all Oz fans.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Season 5 of Oz still has the edge and intensity of the previous 4 seasons as the residents of Emerald City carry out their feuds and schemes. Stellar acting and terrific writing and directing all around.

    Oz is one of the best television shows.Highly recommended.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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