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Macgyver – The Complete Fourth Season

June 5, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Product Description
The adventures of an undercover special agent, Angus MacGyver, who uses his practical knowledge of science to solve any problem that he faces.
Genre: Television
Rating: NR
Release Date: 10-APR-2007
Media Type:
Like James Bond–but without the high-tech gadgets–Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is one of those rare beings who can avert any crisis without mussing a hair. (The rest of us should be so lucky.) In the pilot alone, the secret agent dismantles a missile using a paper clip and fashions a rocket thruster out of a pistol. Is there anything MacGyver can’t do? As the first season of ABC’s long-running adventure series proves, the answer i… More >>

Macgyver – The Complete Fourth Season


5 Responses to “Macgyver – The Complete Fourth Season”
  1. The concept of the show was tolerable at best but inately sophomoric. The lead actor is profoundly untalented. Spend your money elsewhere.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. The series really suffered because of acting and, in later years, writing. The first season is alright, though. MacGuyver doesn’t grow a social conscience (e.g., jump the shark)until later in the series.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Anonymous says:

    Macgyver has always been an inspiration to me. From years of watching his madcap hijinx I’ve slowly gotten the message: guns are EVIL. Because I want to be just like Macgyver, I stopped carrying a gun. One time I went down to the Circle-K to buy an eight-ball, and got into a jam with a local gang known as “The Tough Boys”. They had my homie hemmed up and they were all around. They had him up seein’ if they were goin’ straight pound for pound. My first thought was, “they gonna come up real quick. Before they start to clown, I best pull out my strap and lay them bustas down!”. But then I thought, “NO! GUNS! BAD!”. I had to find an alternative. I had no time to hesitate. I thought to myself, “what would macgyver do?” I scanned around and spotted an old smashed-up telephone, a graphing calculator, and an old bag of ammonium-nitrate fertilizer. Bada-bing, bada-boom. Big bada-boom! Unfortunately the blast radius was a little larger than I expected, and I took out some innocent bystanders along with those pesky “tough boys”, but it was a small sacrifice to make in the war on gun-violence.
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Coach says:

    It’s too good to be true. Allow yourself to get excited about this one. Mac is back, baby!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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