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Instant Star: Season Three

June 17, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Product Description
Jude Harrison (Alexz Johnson, Final Destination 3) spent last season fighting for survival and proving she’s worth the hype–now she’s welcoming superstardom with open arms. Her sophomore album is topping the charts and she’s reveling in everything fame has to offer. But the rewards of Jude’s success are offset with fresh pitfalls and dangers. A tabloid scandal, stalker fans, and controversy with Sadie (Laura Vandervoort, TV’s Smallville), her older sister, are just some of the major downsides to being one of the most recognizable faces in music.

Lose Yourself; Like a Virgin; Start Me Up; Helter Skelter; Let It Be; Heart of Gold; The Long and Winding Ro… More >>

Instant Star: Season Three


5 Responses to “Instant Star: Season Three”
  1. is this going to be a nice boxed set like seasons 1 and 2 or is this going to be a weird amazon-made dvds like south of nowhere? cuz it’s only[…] and says 1 disc when the others were like 3 discs or something. or maybe amazon just has their info wrong for now. i hope so. i mean, i love all my south of nowhere dvds but i want my instant star ones to be nice like 1&2 and look nice and pretty lined up next to eachother. just sayin’…
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. G. Baldwin says:

    Before I start: I am using my mother’s Amazon account to write this review. She is in no way affiliated with this review.

    Instant Star first caught my interest because I fell in love with a girl. Her name is Alexz Johnson. Her voice, her looks, her charm, her overall pure awesomeness that just makes me melt when I see her. I purchased Instant Star season 2 DVD set without knowing what I was getting into, I just knew I had to see more of this goddess and her talents. After watching season 2 without seeing season 1 (I couldn’t afford $40 to watch season 1 :-P) I just got hooked and needed to see more. Also, a pleasant surprise, Supergirl from Smallville played my love’s sister! Two of the hottest women I’ve laid eyes on in one series! I was in awe.

    Anyway, back to seeing more. I could not wait to get my hands on season 3 when it was released. I waited patiently. And then it finally came in the mail! I opened up the envelope to find what to my surprise was double-sided single disc inside a very uncreative DVD cover. I popped in the first side anyway.

    The DVD menu was, for lack of a better description, uncreative, sloppy and generic. Maybe the description for that is “it sucked”? I pressed play. The video quality at times was pixelated and jumpy. Very unprofessional. When it finally reached the episode titled “Heart of Gold”, the video had a slight gray colored tint to it and the audio was fuzzy. It looked like something you’d find on a bootleg DVD. And with the lack of special features, I found this DVD to be not enjoyable at all.

    I’d like the DVD producers to know that if they’re going to release something that’s being awaited by loving fans, they should put some money and effort into it. This could have all been avoided with a two-disc double-sided set with some special features.

    Now, for my review of the season/series itself. To be honest, it didn’t really strike me to be as into it as I was with season 2. The whole Tommy/Jamie choice just bugged me because obviously Tommy is NOT the right man for Jude. It’s just infatuation with Jude/Tommy, not pure and true love like Jamie/Jude. Jamie’s known Jude his whole life, he knows more about her and shares a special bond with her that cannot compare to Jude & Tommy’s “It’s wrong, but I just wanna sleep with you” so-called love. Yeah, Tommy got Jude’s music back in her rightful hands, but c’mon. A trip to wherever that obviously Jamie couldn’t afford to compete with was total BS. Jamie’s got a compassionate, honest, true and undying love for Jude. That’s all that should really matter. Tommy just “loves” her. O_o

    Patsy’s story was sad, but also kinda felt rushed into for the series’ sake. That kind of made me more emotionless towards it.

    The whole “you killed-I killed-we all killed Angie” story was one of the stories that got most of my attention. I also liked the twist at the end of it, it caught me off-guard.

    Speiderman and Karma’s marriage was just like a WTF-moment for me. Not like an OMGEE!!!1!-WTF moment, but more like a WTF-so ridiculous moment. Hope they turn out alright on MTV. *rolls eyes*

    WHERE WAS LIAM??? OH MAN, I MISSED HIM!!! He was such a great character and frienemy for the show. I just cracked up everytime he and Jamie had a moment in season 2. It wasn’t the same without him.

    In conclusion, I liked season 2 waaaay more than 3 and can only hope season 4 is better. Only, I won’t be buying season 4. No no, if I’m going to get bootleg quality for a paid DVD, Then I might as well just get bootleg quality for free off the internet.

    Overall: Alexz was absolutely beautiful-looking in all of the episodes, but her songs weren’t among my favorites. I could have waited until someone sold this DVD used for $5 if I knew it was going to be like this, especially when I’m strapped for cash.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. C. Costa says:

    Condition was as they said it was going to be and I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I was so happy that Instant Star Season 3 finally came out on dvd. It definetly was a great show and still watchable years after its end, though I still think the show should have had atleast one more season rather than rushing through the last season even though the last season was great still. Ok enough with my rambling. lol. If you are looking for a great show with music, a great and surprising story line, than you will love this show. I do’nt really recommend this for kids because of the drinking , drug mentioning and sex talk but its frickin amazing!. LOVE ALEXZ Johnson and please continue to support her fans with buying her new single trip around the world from her debut album Voodoo which comes out in March. All details can be found on […] .. SUPPORT ALEXZ !! YEAHH
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I absolutely LOVE this show. I have to admit I am obsessed with it. So, like any other obsessed fan, I was anxiously awaiting the release of season 3. I couldn’t wait to see the extras and all the special features. I was totally disgusted at the lack of effort that was put into releasing this awesome season 3. The show deserved much better and what about us, the fans? No special features, no minis, no 3 disc set. This is a 1 disc, front and back, season 3. I am obviously upset about that. With that being said, I am happy to have the episodes on disc now so I can watch them whenever I want. I gave this review four stars only because the show itself is fantastic. If I were rating it on everything else, it would get zero stars.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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