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How the Earth Changed History

July 9, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

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The traditional interpretation of history has focused largely on human factors. Yet the natural environment has also shaped history since the dawn of time. This series reveals for the first time on television how geology, geography and climate have had a far more powerful influence on mankind than has previously been acknowledged. With passionate storytelling and extraordinary HD camerawork, this series combines bold ideas with a new science, geo-determinism, to form an original version of human history. Discover why societies have succeeded or failed, and how the environment has influenced every aspect of our history from art to industry, religion to war, world domination or collapse. This series overturns pre… More >>

How the Earth Changed History


One Response to “How the Earth Changed History”
  1. Bouganvillea says:

    Very interesting series on how the earth’s natural phenomena (like wind) have resulted in the rise and fall of human settlements and civilizations. Beautiful scenery, thought provoking linkages, and a different way to understand history. Well worth seeing again and again!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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