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Hogan’s Heroes – The Sixth & Final Season

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Product Description
The inmates of a German World War II Prisoners of War camp conduct espionage and sabotage campaign right under the noses of their warders. While the enemy is often gullible, easily fooled or downright incompetent – the real strength of Hogan’s men are the elaborate ruses and sometimes dangerous lengths they will go to complete their
Just as the castaways were left to languish on Gilligan’s Island, so, too, did cancellation deprive fans of seeing Col. Hogan (Bob Crane) and company finally liberated from Stalag 13. But at least this controversial series (again; it’s a P.O.W., and not a concentration, camp!) went out literally with a bang, another successful act of sabotage of Nazi… More >>

Hogan’s Heroes – The Sixth & Final Season

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