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Hawaii Five-O – The Complete First Season

May 28, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

  • ISBN13: 0097368891647
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, the show followed Jack Lord as he played Steve McGarrett, head of an elite state police unit investigating “organized crime, murder, assassination attempts, foreign agents, felonies of every type.” James MacArthur played his second-in-command Danny (“Danno”) Williams, with local actors Kam Fong, Zulu, Al Harrington, and Herman Wedemeyer, among others, playing members of the Five-O
There’s plenty to like about Hawaii Five-0, the late ’60s cop show debuting on DVD by way of this seven-disc set including all episodes from the first season, along with the two-hour pilot that preceded it. Like the music, featuring Morton Stevens’ popular theme song. Or the lov… More >>

Hawaii Five-O – The Complete First Season


5 Responses to “Hawaii Five-O – The Complete First Season”
  1. Lou Presley says:

    This began a tradition at CBS of having a long-running series that was both popular and awful in every way. Cliched hackneyed plots, really bad acting (lead by Jack Lord whose thick makeup would crack if he displayed a facial expression, and who never met a line of dialogue he couldn’t mangle). The directing was no better than the writing or acting, and the theme song remains the only good thing about the show. A show this awful would be difficult, if not impossible to match, you might think. Wrong, I give you CBS’ Walker, Texas Ranger, worse in every respect and topped of with the worst theme song of all time (tunelessly warbled by Chuck Norris his own self.) Buy them both–every season. They must be preserved because they represent the nadir of television cop shows. And while there were many other awful shows through the years, none with the popularity and longevity of Hawaii 50 and its successor, Walker.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. debra sexton says:

    i love hawaii five-o it was the bomb show on t v back in the day. im happy it is now on dvd. its kool like the monkeys. another good tv show.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. James Lane says:

    as the title insinuates…. got these for an old fan of macGarret .. wheelchair bound.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. most series I grew up watching as a child; are impossible to watch now. mission impossible being a strong exception. hawaii five-o is not actually too bad. it has quite intelligent writing compared to even modern stuff. even so; I only pick out the episodes I remember or made an impression on me.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Dadio says:

    I was suckered into buying this 1st set, like many others, out of pure LOVE for this series. And it’s because of my high regard and respect for those who crafted it, and my own disappointment w/ OMITTED EPISODES, UNSPECIFIED EDITING, [disclaimer-ed on the boxes for all but the 1st Season] and somewhat poor quality (compared to better remastered DVDs from the same era & even some of my own Five-O recordings, which happens with low bandwidth digital conversions), that I am writing this poor review. These look no sharper than some late 60’s Cartoon sets I’ve purchased (which aren’t bad – didn’t mind for them & low prices). It looks to me that they just converted these without any picture quality improvements (no “HQ”, “HIGH RES”, etc.); which they don’t claim anyway. I wish I had known (esp. about the missing ep & editing – I’ve found several cut scenes – see comments) before I enthusiastically emptied my wallet. I could have saved the $36/set for the inevitable less $$$ Boxed Set with all that’s missing here.

    That’s $36 x 12 Seasons, carry the one, = $432!! ~1/2 a Grand for an INCOMPLETE, EDITED, NOT-SO-SHARPLY REMASTERED “COLLECTION”. For my money, if I like a series enough to own it and to pay for better quality than I can get from broadcasts, I want EVERY episode, unedited, and at least as clear as my own recordings. You may consider waiting ~2 years (@ ~4 Seasons / year released) for the Boxed Set, which we’ve all seen in stores at Christmas for even much less popular series. And Boxed Sets always have features to make them more attractive, such as “high resolution digitally remastered”, “previously unreleased episodes”, and “un-edited original broadcasts”, the very things they haven’t included in these, along with something like a Steve McGarrett replica badge or 1/25th scale Mercury. Not to mention, a MUCH smaller price tag!
    Rating: 1 / 5

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