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Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season

July 10, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

Product Description
Get ready to rock out the show with Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana! Now, for the first time ever, you can bring home the Complete First Season on Disney DVD. Plus, this 4-Disc Collector s Set is loaded with ultimate must-see bonus features, a visit to Miley’s hometown, and totally cool guest stars including Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale, Cody Linley and more! When Miley Stewart moves to a new city, it seems she’s just an ordinary teen who wants to make new friends and fit into her new school. But she’s got a huge secret: She s also the glamorous pop-star Hannah Montana, who s living the celebrity dream with awesome concerts, limos and a huge closet full of the latest styles. Y’all won t believe the hilarious thi… More >>

Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season


5 Responses to “Hannah Montana: The Complete First Season”
  1. Well…It’s Hannah Montana, so it MUST be GREAT!! Hope you nay-sayers found this review helpful and persuasive!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Christell says:

    My sister is into this crap, I understand not why. Whatever happened to the old days of Disney magic and animated classics made by talented artists and supported by flawless, timeless music? Even the Disney films of the 90’s were great [i.e. Hunchback of Notre Dame]. Interestingly enough, parents had a stick up their behind because Hunchback was a complex, darker film. Specifically, the ‘rents had an issue with the main antagonist, Claude Frollo, because he hinted at desiring Esmeralda.

    That movie, at least, had class. It had dignity, good music/voice acting and amazing animation! That movie is what ultimately led me to read the original work by Victor Hugo. This was old Disney–made to inspire and delight its young viewers by providing children’s versions of literary classics by renowned authors such as Victor Hugo, JM Barrie, the brothers Grimm, among others.

    The films may take artistic license and Hunchback may have been a bit too much for younger children, however, at least it was of good quality and rich in content. It was an intelligent film.

    This modern Disney Channel crap, custom made to lure children into a world of consumerism, has taken over our lives. This Hannah Montana crap is NOT Disney–it is among the Devil’s most sinister productions. HM is neither entertaining nor educating. It is devilish witchcraft of the sort which can only be concocted by an evil, swollen leech called greed. Greed cares not for quality nor education–it cares for the green paper which fuels its very existence. It hoards our hard-earned dollars with dark passion and spits this unspeakable garbage upon our faces. It is a crooked trade from the beginning.

    Aside from the greedy corporate aspects of HM, there is the unavoidable sexual messages sent forth by that little strumpet Miley Cyrus. I have yet to forget Vanity Fair and the incident with the pole dancing.

    She hides under the mask of innocence like the Devil hides within his guises! It is that! It is trickery at best, devilry at worst. It is that which shall be the undoing of this world. The parents rant and rave when an animated villain makes a slight suggestion in a thoughtful film, yet say nothing when this inbred hillbilly slut is trying to sell sex to our kids by dancing with poles in horridly skimpy outfits.

    Hannah Montana, along with all the other waste which can be found on the Disney Channel, is a disgrace to Walt Disney and everything he strove to make. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was rolling in his grave as we speak.

    The Disney Channel killed Disney. I only pray that this, in a good few years, when Miley is pregnant or disgraced [probably both] will go away like that annoying Zoey 101, never to be spoken of again.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This was a gift for a recipient in the Salvation Army. I am sure that she will love it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Mom of three says:

    This is awesome for Hannah fans. It has all the episodes from the first season, which they hardly ever play on tv anymore. My girls who are 8 and 10 love it and watch it over and over again.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Marty says:

    Great DVD package – Great price and delivery was quick and well packaged. My daughter loved it for her Birthday. Recommend buying this from Amazon.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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