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Green Acres – The Complete First Season

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Head back to Hooterville with the complete first season of this TV favorite! Oliver (Eddie Albert), Lisa (Eva Gabor), Arnold the Pig and a hilarious assortment of oddballs and bumpkins are back and ready to deliver a bumper crop of laughs!
The Catalog of Cool describes Green Acres this way: To be truly cool, one must genuinely understand the uselessness of logic and reason in a world gone mad…. Eddie Albert (ostensibly sane) spent six seasons appealing to the whacked out citizens of Hooterville to behave in a rational and orderly manner. Naturally, he got just what he deserved–the gradual erosion of his own mental stability. Aficionados of this show like to call it surreal. I call it real life. … More >>

Green Acres – The Complete First Season

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