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Gilmore Girls: The Complete First Season

June 24, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

People often mistake Independence Inn’s manager, headstrong single mom Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her equally willful teenage daughter, Rory (Alexis Bledel) for sisters. Lorelai and Rory cope with the same emotional ups and downs, including Lorelai’s overbearing, old-money parents and the joys and frustrations of the male gender. But when Rory’s attention turns from dreams of private school and Harvard to thoughts of boys and adolescent self-reliance, single mom Lorelai begins noticing more of her own rebellious youth-only 16 years ago-in Rory. This heartfelt, humorous drama appeals to young and old alike with its blend of traditional family issues and hip, contemporary attitude. Reacquaint yourselves with tel… More >>

Gilmore Girls: The Complete First Season


5 Responses to “Gilmore Girls: The Complete First Season”
  1. Joe Mac Guy says:

    well this series (like almost all Warner Brothers Television these days) quickly degenerated into adult trash. The first season, was what it was. A single mother trying to get her only daughter through school. But oh how it fell apart in further seasons. The two women ended up in bed with a different guy almost every other episode. The grandmother got plain annoying, the grandfather always looked clueless, the supporting cast were given stories that were not the least bit interesting, and the season finales always looked like poor takes off of Dallas and Dynstay. That was the end straw. That this show fell apart into a prime time soap that had lousey stories and even worse, showed how cruel human beings can be to each other. Finally the network just cancelled this trash. Finally. Gilmore Girls was garbage and now it’s been gotten rid off like garbage. YOU DON’T LIKE IT, GET A LIFE.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Brian,

    As a father of a teenage daughter I have watched the Gilmore Girls to ensure that the content is age appropriate. This is pure “chick flick” material not at all for macho guys like you or me. The dialogue, the story and the character development are targeted at girls. The 5 stars is from my daughter who loves the show. The mother would drive anyone insane, she acts like a sister and is so far removed from the personality of a real parent that the show is unwatchable,at least for this male.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Patsy Cannon says:

    I have not received the Gilmore Girls DVD I ordered there for I cannot review it. However the money has been taken out of my account.

    Patsy Cannon
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Anonymous says:

    Season One of Gilmore Girls was absolutely perfection. Amy found the balance between quirky, witty, touching, sad, angry, you name it. The characters, unlike the recent seasons, were not cartoons, but actually believable. This season, by far, has the best episodes as well. Rory’s Birthday Parties: utterly and completely perfect. The acting and writing were at its best in this episode. Nothing else compares to the scene when Lorelai recalls Rory’s delivery, or when Emily sees Lorelai’s room for the first time.

    Buy the DVD. There’s no doubt about it. These episodes are worth the price and then some.

    But make sure you don’t buy as many of the next season.

    We wouldn’t want the WB to waste any of their precious money they now seem to lack so much of on those dreadful Season 3 episodes… or God forbid.. Season 4!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. The design of this boxed set is superb. The special features were a bonus, though I was hoping for much more. Commentaries over a few of the episodes would have been nice, as would a few more outtakes, but the set is generally worth the money.

    As for content, I can echo that it is witty, well-written and equally well-acted by regulars and guest stars alike. A fine production. I would like to point out, however, for those thinking this is a family forum drama, that Lorelai Gilmore stands for everything but family. She made it clear from the beginning that she wants very little to do with her own parents, whom she openly despises, and never wanted to start a family of her own with Rory’s father, whom she never married. She can be applauded for opting out of abortion and for raising Rory ‘a-la-Murphy Brown’ into the young woman we find here in season one. However, Lorelai sets no good example for her blossoming young daughter by hopping into bed with Rory’s teacher, ending that relationship abruptly when Rory finds out and flips out, then sleeping with Rory’s dad when he happens to pop into town for a quick visit after many years away. At season one’s end Lorelai is back in the teachers’ sack, hiding the renewed relationship from her daughter. (The lie of omission is still deception.) Rory finds out and flips out again, which only compounds her angst as she tries to determine what LOVE is and if she has it for Dean, who broke up with her after he confessed his love and she did not verbally reciprocate.

    Having just seen the opening episode for the latest season, I can tell you that season one is the most innocent; it goes quickly down hill from there. Rory is now not only hopping from one bed to another and back again – like her mother – but she is now a full-blown, ‘my needs are all that matter’ adulteress. Rory’s friend Lane, a once sweet but now jaded anti-Christian, when finding out about Rory’s latest sex-capade with the now married Dean at Miss Patty’s studio, remarks “Miss Patty would be proud!” This current moral attitude is far removed from season one’s “Rory’s Dance” episode where Dean and Rory innocently fell asleep at Miss Patty’s, causing jaws to drop all over Stars Hollow.

    If you enjoyed the quirky characters of Stars Hollow when they first appeared on our little screens, you should find these 22 episodes well worth watching again. Having seen where this Bedford Falls-ish berg eventually decends, however, has got me considering whether to waste my time and emotions on the remaining seasons.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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