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Gilligan’s Island: The Complete Series Collection

July 1, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

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Gilligan’s Island: The Complete Series Collection


5 Responses to “Gilligan’s Island: The Complete Series Collection”
  1. I am a little disappointed, when I purchased the series was because it said that as language was Spanish and English, however when I received it realized that only came in English and I was used to seeing the series with the voices in Spanish, I feel duped. It is not the same, definitively.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. weamdog says:

    Do not buy this box set, buy the individual seasons and save enough money for a tank or two of gas. I paid $72.99 one day, the next day the price went up to $111 and then not 30 mins later it was $102. You can buy the 3 individual seasons for $15 all day long. $45 vs $102 for the same content is a no brainer.

    BTW, season 2 has two disc 3’s and no disc 1. This has happened to me twice. Also, Amazon has a super return policy. I received my replacement set before I could get the second set in the mail. So, Warner Bros gets 1 star and Amazon gets 5.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This is the best set of DVDs I’ve ever purchased. I grew up with this type of program. I do recommend for you to purchase it, specially from for fast delivery.

    The only thing I wish it had is Widescreen, which it does’nt come with. It comes in Standard format.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Cosmoetica says:

    The charter boat S.S. Minnow, out of Honolulu, Hawaii, was on a sightseeing tour when it was caught in a storm & shipwrecked on an uncharted South Pacific island. Numerous questions abounded for nitpickers who found the show’s simplicity annoying- chief among them were: If the cruise was only supposed to be for 3 hours, how & why did the passengers pack so much? Well, obviously they did not. Each episode, in a way, is a self-contained vignette, not necessarily related to the others, although some are. Producer Sherwood Schwartz has tried to cast his show as a sort of tv version of the Grimm Bros. fairy tales- with each show teaching a lesson. Others believe GI is akin to the Genesis myth- yet farcical rather than dramatic. GI shows a group of castaways exiled from the paradise of modern America, filled with fast food, modern appliances, & entertainments galore. Marooning replaces exile but instead of finding themselves lost from history they end up severed from their modernity. In truest Biblical fashion they long for Salvation- not of their souls, but of their corpi. & like mankind, eternally doomed by Adam & Eve’s sin, the castaways are doomed by Gilligan’s stupidity, & their own ethics for not offing him. In a way Gilligan & Co. are living cartoons- occasionally over-the-top Tex Avery toons, but more often the Nietszchean hell of the Roadrunner & Wile E. Coyote. Despite the failures, the castaways always survive- not unlike the numerous personae of Buster Keaton, or more aptly Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp. Most often it’s Gilligan’s failings that doom the castaways. But others’ failures abound: the Skipper’s need to be in control, Mr. Howell’s need to manipulate, Mrs. Howell’s need for routine over pragmatism, the Professor’s Rube Goldbergian devices, Ginger’s need for attention & approval, & Mary Ann’s naïve-té.

    So, the query is- if the characters are so dumb & predictable, why are they so beloved? Because they are archetypes, not stereotypes- despite the absurd plots. Even when treated to the stand-bys of doppelgängers or `certain’ doom, the viewer knows the episode will end just where it began- not waiting for Godot, but salvation. Still, the characterizations are so strong, that by the 3rd or 4th episode we know how every character is going to react to a certain premise. This would kill most shows- witness the dull meanderings of the 1980s mega-hit, The Cosby Show. But, being set with such a wacky initial premise allowed each episode to go off on increasingly absurd branches without viewer backlash against the characters. This allowed producer SS to moralize without being preachy- unlike, say Bill Cosby’s show. This absurdism also allowed SS to have a retinue of occasional stock actors to play many parts- the most notable recurring actor being Vito Scotti- who made a handful of outrageous appearances as different characters. In a way, GI’s fantastical plots allowed a lot of subtextual social commentary to go on without being heavyhanded. In this way, GI resembled another all-time tv classic- The Twilight Zone. On TTZ writer & producer Rod Serling could slip in political messages under the guise of an extraterrestrial storyline, that he could never slip by the network censors were he overtly writing about McCarthyism or racism. Similarly, GI could tackle greed, vanity, materialism, & relationships by using far out scenarios to comment on more prosaic dealings with such things. This is why viewers were drawn into the show in its network run, & have never let it go since. Despite the absurd silliness we all know versions of the 7 castaways in our own lives. This made them REAL, despite their often caricaturized state. Add in the fact that the castaways never really learn their lessons, & the parallels to reality could become depressingly obvious, were they not so hilarious. Never before nor since has tv been so existential, & simple, at the same time. The show was about total illogic, yet it made perfect sense, especially the more its slapstick & absurdism pushed the pedal to the metal.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. M. dudik says:

    i recommend gilligans island to anyone who loves “lame” classic tv. the things that happen on the island are so ri- diculous….BUT YOU DONT CARE!!! the characters are likeable and you want them to get off the island and yet you dont cause you just want to keep watching more episodes and the theme music i dare you not to sing along at the beginning of every episode. the packaging is a bit flimsy and complicated otherwise i’d give it 5 stars. so i’m giving it 4 stars.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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