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Broken Trail

June 10, 2010 by · 5 Comments 

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Product Description
Top-rated miniseries! Academy Award® winner Robert Duvall (1983 Best Actor in a Leading Role Tender Mercies) and Academy Award® nominee Thomas Hayden Church (2004 Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Sideways) star in this moving Western drama.Set in 1897 Print Ritter (Duvall) and his estranged nephew Tom Harte (Hayden Church) become the reluctant guardians of five abused and abandoned Chinese girls. Ritter and Harte’s attempts to care for the girls are complicated by their responsibility to deliver a herd of horses while avoiding a group of bitter rivals intent on kidnapping the girls for their own purposes. Classic Western action takes center stage in this dramatic miniseries!SPECIAL FEATURES: … More >>

Broken Trail


5 Responses to “Broken Trail”
  1. Donald West says:

    First, let me say the actors and production crew on BROKEN TRAIL do an admirable job on this film. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE does an outstanding job in bringing this film to the screen. But Canada, was chosen, rather than the USA, for actors, production crew and location. These production companies generate alot of money to the local economy. But the locales of the story are supposed to be Oregon and Wyoming. Why was a foreign country chosen instead? Is this because locations and talent were not available or suitable in Oregon or Wyoming? No. Were it that simple. It’s because of greed. Because of taxes and other incentives, many American directors and producers work in Canada because it’s cheaper. Duvall, who is “Executive Producer” and director Walter Hill, felt they could do it cheaper and better outside the USA to make more profits and work with the people they’ve done so on so many other films shot in Canada. How much money do these guys need!!!!? I’m surprised at Duvall as he is so pro-american being a staunch Republican. Wake up everybody. We are losing so much of America including even the western through more “outsourcing” and what Duvall proudly calls ” our greatest American heritage”.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. jgregg says:

    Sorry but this movie certainly showed a horrific side of the old west. Sure there were some noble men and victimized young Chinese girls, but they were way outnumbered by the rotten men and women depicted in the movie. I do not find very graphic violence, nudity, and rape on the top of my must watch list. I skipped to the ending on the second disk.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Calinae says:

    This film had a great story line that was poorly executed. It included what appears to be a real horse being trampled to death, a rape scene and other basic violence. I am sure this would receive an “R” rating from MPAA.

    At the beginning of the film, the Chinese girls (who actually are the best part of the entire movie) are inspected for their virginity. This of course has some nudity and other quick uncomfortable shots. The only thing that would have made it more gratuitous would have been a copycat scene from Basic Instinct. Ok I can get past that but clearly I would not let younger family members see this. The one scene I could not believe actually made the final cut is the running of the horses. As masses of horses are running toward the camera on the right you can see a horse turn upside down and get obviously trampled, I am assuming to its death. I was incredulous that a scene like that would be left for viewers. Any director would have to know that would color someone’s opinion from then on. Obviously SPCA didn’t certify that no animals were hurt during the making of this movie. I am sure the scene where horses fall and are killed showed even less mercy for the animals. I just cringe thinking of how many were injured during the production of this saga.

    Other scenes were disjointed. How Ritter knew that that the two men were carring diseases when they tried to cross the trail is beyond me. It would have made a great dropping on the editing floor. The rape scene is another great selection for droppings.

    If you are considering buying this, do not expect it to be a family western and do not expect to feel good afterward. This film lacked class and was NOT tastefully done. I got the feeling that only men influenced the production of this and I regret spending the money on a film that made money off of the poor treatment of horses. Instead of being an artfully done feel good western, this saga left me with a sick feeling in the middle of my stomach. At the end of the story, I really didn’t care that a scroll of what happend to the characters rolled by. If it was based on a true story, I don’t think the real people portrayed would be proud of this version of the true events.

    Just beware if you choose this “Western” that you are not getting a classic or even one you will want to watch again.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. The movie was for my grandmother for Christmas. She loved it……into Westerns.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. R. Bagula says:

    This movie takes place when the west was no longer as open as it had been or the Indians as wild. The plight of Chinese women sold into slavery is just as bad today as it was then?

    The filming and acting is great, but this version is kind of slow as westerns go. I liked it and enjoyed the history of the drive

    of horses across open country.

    The bad guys are really bad and the good ones are just kinda nice…
    Rating: 3 / 5

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