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Airwolf – Season 1

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Hip spy shows with covert agencies within agencies–like Alias and 24–are missing only one thing: A super-duper armor-plated helicopter with “nuclear-tipped shrike missiles.” In the action series Airwolf, a mysterious national security agency called the Firm constructs a “Mach-one-plus chopper that can kick butt,” only to have it stolen by the nefarious scientist who designed it (David Hemmings, Blowup, Barbarella). Desperate, the Firm turns to Stringfellow Hawke (Jan Michael Vincent), a soulful, cello-playing, art-loving, eagle-watching, guilt-ridden master pilot. Hawke refuses to help unless the Firm searches for his brother, who went MIA in ‘Nam. Of course, he succeeds in his m… More >>

Airwolf – Season 1


5 Responses to “Airwolf – Season 1”
  1. Taheen Lopez says:

    I think the DVD of this abbreviated season of AIRWOLF is a stupendous, but now that they have this complete 1st Season of Airwolf on DVD, I think they should plan on making a DVD of AIRWOLF’s complete 2nd Season, which was Airwolf’s 1984-85 Season on CBS, which should be even better than Airwolf-Season 1, because I think the Second Season of AIRWOLF was better than the First Season of Airwolf, so now I cant wait to see Airwolf’s complete 2nd Season and I cant wait till they make a DVD of AIRWOLF- Season 2, which should be even better, especially since the 2nd Season of AIRWOLF has a lot more episodes than the 1st Season does, plus the 2nd Season of AIRWOLF is also when co-pilot Caitlyn O’Shaunessy(Jean Bruce Scott) joins the cast of AIRWOLF too, but I personally think the 3rd Season of Airwolf is the best season of that show, not to mention that Airwolf’s 3rd Season was my favorite season, which was the 1985-86 Season of Airwolf on CBS.

    It was also interesting seeing Shannon Doherty in the “Bite Of The Jackal” episode before she was even famous and before her days on OUR HOUSE, BEVERLY HILLS 90210, and CHARMED, which was of course before Shannen Doherty’s reputation went sour after being fired from BEVERLY HILLS 90210.

    Therefore, you could say that seeing Shannon Doherty on AIRWOLF and watching her on OUR HOUSE were Shannen Doherty’s better and more likeable days before her reputation and popularity was tarnished.

    This season also takes me all the way back to memory lane when AIRWOLF was in competition with BLUE THUNDER, except BLUE THUNDER didn’t last unlike AIRWOLF, especially since AIRWOLF got better ratings along with the fact that AIRWOLF was more upgraded than BLUE THUNDER was as well.

    Therefore, AIRWOLF K.O.’d BLUE THUNDER in the ratings among other things.

    This season also takes me back to memory lane when AIRWOLF was part of CBS’s Saturday night line-up while KNIGHT RIDER was part of NBC’s Sunday night line-up and BLUE THUNDER was part of ABC’s Friday night line-up.

    Therefore, AIRWOLF had some competition going on with KNIGHT RIDER at the time as well, since there were so many advantages and disadvantages between AIRWOLF and the Knight 2000 as well as similarities in features, but KNIGHT RIDER still had better ratings than AIRWOLF did along with the fact that KNIGHT RIDER lasted longer than AIRWOLF did too, since CBS had cancelled the old AIRWOLF around the same time NBC had cancelled KNIGHT RIDER back in 1986.

    It was also interesting seeing

    -Lance LeGault in the “To Snare A Wolf” episode during his co-starring days as the overzealous Col.Decker on THE A-TEAM

    -James Whitmore, Jr. in the “Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting” episode before his co-starring days as Hunter & McCall’s dorky fellow officer(Sgt. Bernie Terwilliger)

    -Ismael Carlo in the “Mad Over Miami” episode before his co-starring days on SANTA BARBARA and GENERAL HOSPITAL

    -Jeff Mackay in the “To Snare A Wolf” episode after his co-starring days as Magnum’s old navy buddy(Mac) on MAGNUM, P.I.

    -Henry Darrow before his co-starring days on SANTA BARBARA and after his co-starring days on GENERAL HOSPITAL

    -David Carradine in the “Mind Over Machine” episode after his co-starring days on KUNG FU

    -Chad Allen in the “Daddy’s Gone A Huntin” episode before his co-starring days on OUR HOUSE & DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN

    By the way, I just got word that the Shout Factory will be releasing the short-lived series STREET HAWK with Rex Smith(Jesse Mach) out on DVD on Tuesday July 13th, 2010 for all you classic high-tech TV fans out there.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. MW says:

    Lets starting boycotting TV series to DVD box set, from Universal/MCA, they are the only ones, that charges the highest price. Also Universal/MCA are the only ones, that don’t provide the original music, so maybe if sales drop, they will start providing the episodes uncut, with the original music, instead of the cheap substitute music, they give us now!

    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. WOW, what a disappointment. Just to set the stage, I have been a huge helicopter fan for years, and continue to be one, which, of course is why I bought this DVD set. While the concept is sound, the execution is extremely shoddy. The only reason I can see why I liked it originally was I was a lot younger!

    The main problem is the unbelievably bad continuity and editing. One reviewer pointed out that the combat scenes were clumsily edited but it goes well beyond that. For the most part, 90% of the flying (and other) footage seems to have come from the series pilot. In every succeeding episode, they trot out the same old footage… Airwolf taking off from the desert cavern, for example. As I mentioned, the continuity is atrocious. One minute it’s pitch black and they’re using night vision, the next, an exterior shot shows Airwolf flying in broad daylight over a field of cows. Similarly, one minute you’re over a snow-covered desert landscape, then the very next, it’s a summer scene. Not only is this visually jarring, it’s just plain stupidity.

    Moments you can’t forget (and neither can they) are the jeep entering the hidden cavern hideaway with a single driver (although in the previous scene, there’s two people in the jeep); the ever annoying scene of the jeep stopping in front of the chopper while either String alone or String and Dom sit enraptured looking at the bird (never mind they have a tight schedule to save the world).

    Character-wise, Jan-Michael seems fairly wooden, while Alex Cord is eternally righteously indignant, and the villains, with the exception of the ever-wonderful David Hemmings, are simply mundane. The best one of all is Ernest Bourgnine, whose crusty portrayal of Dominic Santini is always able to entertain. Second would be the dog that has a habit of looking up the female players’ skirts! Come to think of it, there are a few major babes in the show.

    While there is certainly some great nap-of-the-earth flying of the tricked out Bell 222c copter, as well as supporting aircraft, the real shame is that there is neither any info on the bird itself, nor any credit to the real pilots of the series.

    Want to really get some Airwolf excitement? Then get Microsoft Fight Simulator 2004 and download the Airwolf aircraft and fly it yourself! You can do this for about the same coin that you’ll waste on this turkey.

    Wile there’s no
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Diane Tabor says:


    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Chuck Strong says:

    Two dual sided discs with minimal bonus features are just not worth 30.00.

    I’ve purchased full season sets from other studios having five or six one sided discs at the same price or less with great bonus features. As long as Universal continues to take the cheap route they won’t get my business.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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